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Elodie Water Bottle

Elodie Water Bottle

This is a light-weight water bottle for active kids. It’s made from food grade stainless steel that is perfect for little adventurers as it won’t chip, dent, or break even during the wildest of play. It’s easy to use and the foldable straw cap makes it spill-free and keeps it clean and hygienic for longer. The bottle can hold up to 350 ml of liquid and is completely dishwasher safe.


Made for little hands
The comfortable carry handle is easy for little hands to hold. 


No spills
The straw cap is leak-proof when closed to avoid spills.


No harmful substances
The food grade stainless steel material is completely free from BPA, phthalates or any other harmful substances. 


Easy to clean
The wide bottle neck makes them easy to clean out by hand. Can also be cleaned in the dishwasher. 

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